Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Reluctant Reunion

One too many snoozes makes for a hectic trip to the airport. The goodbyes were uneventful. We didn't have enough time to park, so Troy dropped me off at the curb. He hugged me, kissed me, and that was about it. The Bug was watching Snow White on her DVD player and shooed me away for interrupting her shows.

At the airport I met with Bergeles, my buddy and accomplice to many an annoying prank. We exchanged pleasantries and then proceeded to annoying the crap out of everyone we knew there.

Upon arrival, we met with more people from our battalion. It was like going back to school, except the school is a crap-bowl that takes you away from the life you love. I am forced to interact with people that, although pleasant in their own right, came with the package of this turd sandwich of a deployment. I could see it in their eyes too. Their mouths said "hey, nice to see you again" but I knew that it was a reluctant reunion for them too.

So I see everybody again, we arrive at Camp Mcgregor, I enter my berthing, and's like I never left.

It was a strange feeling, this distortion of reality. As if all the good memories from home were a mirage, a dream, a figment of my imagination. A daydream concocted to keep me sane. It came and went so quickly that my mind had no time to process the memory and stored it as some murky fable invented by my mind in a moment of extreme homesickness.

After mustering for some BS reason, I head on over to the only place on base with free internet and fight with some software that ended up kicking my butt.

And so here I am...happy to see everyone, but wishing I didn't have to see them again. Not under these circumstances. I'm sure they feel the same way too.

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