Sunday, July 18, 2010

The way to Kuwait is paved with no libations…

The morning began at 2 am. Get ready, make sure we’re packed and haven’t left anything behind, and wait for the room inspection that was scheduled for 0330 but of course didn’t happen until almost five. Board the bus, breakfast at the terminal, and then a briefing from the commanding general. Board the plane, sleep, wake up in another state. One of our guys’ mom greets us with baked goodies. Another group of people greeted us at the terminal like we were heroes. I was more than overwhelmed at this reception.

Regardless of where we depart from, the land looks like a patchwork quilt. Ireland’s variant hues of dazzling greens made it look like an emerald mosaic.

I’ve never been on a plane this long. It’s so strange to fall asleep and wake up in a different country. Ireland, Romania, and finally Kuwait. Everywhere I look around me people are sleeping. The energy from this morning, or maybe it was (yesterday morning?) has died down to a complete lull. It’s as if the Wicked Witch of the West’s sleeping spell has taken over the entire plane and I’m fighting it. Let’s just hope the pilots fight it as well.

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