Thursday, July 8, 2010

A very disagreeable day and the pre-deployment blues.

I'm going on deployment soon. Let me rephrase that; I'm on deployment right now, but home on leave thanks to the Powers that Be that allowed me to come home after my training in Hell Paso's ill-named Fort Bliss. I was supposed to be leaving on Sunday morning but some jackhole sent me an email today notifying me of my departure for Friday morning. Today's Wednesday. Yeah, way to be organized, jerks. And then the giant pickle on my shit sandwich was the spill Helena (my one year old Bug) took HEAD FIRST out of the shopping cart at Sprouts. I felt so bad I cried at the doctor's office.

I'm so not ready to leave.

So I have today and tomorrow before my 300 days of solitude begins. 300 days away from my family; my lovable husband, Troy and my beautiful and precocious daughter, Helena (often referred to as the Bug).

300 days away from pleasant weather, farm-fresh produce, good restaurants, rad new music, and unlimited access to bookstores.

Away from civilization.

Away from my Bug.

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