Saturday, July 10, 2010


Last night was my last night with my family. The Bug, with her broken collar-bone compliments of that aweful accident the day prior, and Troy were nestled in their beds without care while I fretfully paced around the apartment, grasping at the last hours, minutes and seconds before my departure. I was doing this and that, updating my ipod, packing, charging my electronics; all in an attempt to stay awake enough to peek in on them while they gently (and in the case of Troy, not so gently) snored the hours away.

tick tock...three hours and twenty eight minutes left..... hour 12 minutes left.....22 minutes left...10 minutes left...what the hell? why is the time flying by so fast? Stop! please! just freeze, stupid clock! 2 minutes left.....alarm rings, Troy snoozes it. I lay between him and the bug and inhale the warm, sweet aroma emanating from their pores. Alarm rings again....snooze. I don't care if the plane leaves me. I don't care about court marshall, or getting chewed by the chain of command. all I want is a little more time to share this perfect moment. to snuggle with my babies and bask in the warmth of their embrace. Alarm rings again. The bug drowsily opens her eyes and reaches up towards me. Her little hands explore my face. She smiles.

I feel like going UA at this point. I can't leave this face! I can't leave the warmth of this bed! I can't leave these little hands. I can't leave Troy! I can't leave the Bug. I'm willing to make a deal with the devil for another hour.

Alarm rings.

It's far too late to snooze.

Five more minutes.

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  1. I know what I'm getting you for your next birthday....
    A clock with no batteries...

    I would stop time for you right then, if I could... instead, I'll send I'll my magical powers to the clocks around you to make them go fast from now until the end of this deployment.

    Another 30 seconds down already. ;)